PayGenie is a conceptual project that makes use of visual cues to indicate the financial stability of college students and help them stay within their budgets



1 week

(Sep 2019)




Adobe Illustrator



Interface design



"In what ways can the concept of a calendar be tweaked to create a tool to help students?"

We already use calendar apps to keep track of birthdays, appointments, meetings. So how might we use the underlying idea of a calendar to help young students? By creating a pop-up centric app that integrates with other apps on your mobile device, we can inform, remind and provide a voice of caution for students financial decisions



Stay within budget

This app will help students stay within the limits of the budget set for them, thereby reducing the need to call parents for extra moolah

Track your progress

By being able to see whether they are in the clear or in trouble, students will either get motivated or feel panic, and take action accordingly

Financial Future

Following a monthly budget successfully sets a good habit in students and enables the mindfulness they need for a stable financial future


User Flow

The primary use case for this app involves locking users out of any third party e-commerce app's checkout screen if they are about to go over budget with their purchase. This is done using pop-up windows prompting the user to take action, immediately. Users have the option to override Pay Genie's decision to lock purchases, but can only do so by proving a unique code sent to their designated financial buddy. 

Frame 3-min.png

Hi-fi Screens

PayGenie_Pitch Deck_Mriganka1.001-min
PayGenie_Pitch Deck_Mriganka1.001-min

press to zoom
PayGenie_Pitch Deck_Mriganka1.002-min
PayGenie_Pitch Deck_Mriganka1.002-min

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PayGenie_Pitch Deck_Mriganka1.004-min
PayGenie_Pitch Deck_Mriganka1.004-min

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PayGenie_Pitch Deck_Mriganka1.001-min
PayGenie_Pitch Deck_Mriganka1.001-min

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Green to Red.gif

Instant warning upon going over budget.

When you add an expense that will put you over your budget, the app instantly changes its primary color scheme from green to orange, imploring you to undo the action.

New Admin.gif

Pick the right

financial buddy.

Users have the option to change their designated financial buddy when needed

New Lock.gif

Cover all your bases

with ease

If you download a new e-commerce app, add a lock to it on Pay Genie so that you can get locked out if you try to make an impulse purchase there.


Over-ride the checkout lock for necessities, with caution.

Your designated financial buddy can approve/deny requests to over-ride the checkout lock for essential purchases by telling you the unique code sent to their mobile device



This project was a great way to explore how we can add on to existing concepts to create tools that can perform more and better. By taking the concept of a calendar as a starting point and ideating around it we can create new tools that give users a sense of familiarity and also spark joy through improved features 

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