Javarama is a survey tool that allows users to blind taste new and exciting beverages while keeping track of their preferences for future purchases. This mobile app has been designed for cafes/ coffee shops to be able to offer tasting sessions for their seasonal drinks.



2 weeks 

(Dec 2019)




Adobe Illustrator





Interface design


As a guest lecture, the design team of Total Wine & More  gave us a project to work on, the prompt for which was:

"Create a tool that helps either the consumer or the business owner organize wine tastings in an interesting way"

We were given the freedom to tweak the prompt, and after some brain storming and research I decided to go the non-alcoholic route and create a tool for coffee shops instead. 



Our initial prompt revolved around the wine industry however, I wanted to tweak my project a little and decided to explore other routes I could take the prompt in. 

I looked at places that already have sampling available like ice cream/fro yo stores, cheese, chocolate/ candy etc. I also noticed that Starbucks occasionally offered coffee samples to try and some cookie stores also did the same. 


Scope Validation

Can the coffee industry benefit from tasting sessions?

In order to validation the scope of my prompt, I had to perform some research - I was able to isolate three main points that indicated the tool I was planning on designing would be of good use to the industry

Javarama_coffee stats.jpg

The US is the largest consumer of coffee, drinking close to 400 million cups a day

In 2018, 60% of coffee drinkers visited a coffee shop at least once a month

As of 2019, there are 24,000 independent coffee shops in the US. This number is expected to grow to 50,000 in the coming years.

Based on the facts mentioned above and after cross checking the data with secondary sources, I understood that the tool I was designing could help a large consumer base and help businesses increase their profits through the creation of a secondary revenue stream i.e paid tasting sessions for their beverages.


Problem Statement

Having validated the need for a sampling tool for the coffee industry, I had to identify which specific gap I intended fill through my solution.

"How can consumers quickly and accurately provide feedback and ranks for the beverages they sample during in-store tastings?"

This specific statement became the starting point for ideating my ideal solution feature set and solution goals. 


Competitive Analysis

There are customer feedback related solutions in the market already, primarily in the form of survey tools. I studied the top players to understand what my 'wants' , 'needs' and 'nice to have' features would be.

Mriganka_Competitive Analysis.png


Based on the research and competitive analysis, I was able to identify key words that I wanted my solution to include - speed, ease and fun. The implementation of those keywords in my solution has been explained below

Speed and ease - since the feedback is recorded during an

in-store experience the method of collecting feedback needs to be quick and easy so that consumers can focus on tasting the drinks rather than getting caught up in answering questions in the survey.

Likert scale in survey app
Favourites tab in mobile app

Make it fun - a traditional survey could get very boring for users to complete during an in-store experience. To maintain interest and create a sense of curiosity, the sample names and details will be hidden from the user until the end. This will also ensure that answers are unbiased


Hi Fidelity Screens

Below are the annotated screens that make up the survey tool feature on the app. This includes the secondary function of purchasing a beverage that was saved by the consumer from a previous tasting



The GIF's below illustrate how the survey tool and its secondary purchasing feature would work

Answer Questions.gif

Answering the survey questions - users can scan the QR code provided at the venue to begin their survey. All questions are answered using a Likert scale

Ranking and Reveal.gif

Ranking and sample reveal -  drag the green bar to the desired position to rank a sample. Upon completion, sample names are revealed. 

Purchase Favourite.gif

Purchasing samples that were saved -  go through the samples from the favourites tab and select one. The app will  show them available purchase options



This project helped me understand how to work on a 'quick and shiny' prototype with just some base research and a design direction in mind. Within the 2-3 days of initial research I was able to develop two key features of the app i.e the speed/ease factor and how to make it fun. In the future, if I were to rework on this project, I would conduct more research and look at other survey/customer feedback based tools to fine tune the interface for this app

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