InstaDoc is an interface design project that imagines what the future of accessible healthcare could look like. This mobile app design demonstrates how we might use image recognition/AI chatbots for at home diagnosis



2 weeks 

(Dec 2018)


Adobe Illustrator

After Effects



Interface design



Healthcare in America is not accessible or cost-friendly. Moreover, people often don't have the time to attend a physical appointment with their doctor which leads to them ignoring the problem. How might we make use of current advanced technology to help make healthcare more accessible and save time for users? With emerging tools like AI chatbots and image recognition, we can create a database of common ailments that can be easily diagnosed through a mobile device


User Flow


Lo-fi Screens


Color Exploration

After conducting some research on color theory and psychology, I created a hi-fidelity screen for three visual design options

Design Comp-03.png
Design Comp-02.png
Design Comp-01.png

Hi-fi Screens

I created two sets of hi-fi screens- one is for minor ailments wherein the app can suggest home remedies or prescriptions and where to get them. The second is for ailments that require medical attention and how to set up an appointment for the same.


For minor ailments:


For medical attention:



This was my first attempt at at UI/UX based project. It helped me develop the intuition of being able to design with the user in mind. It also prompted me to learn more about accessibility guidelines, color psychology, UI components etc. 

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