Freebies at RIT

This map was designed to help new incoming students learn about and locate all of the freebies available on campus. In addition to being a walking guide, the map also includes virtual freebies printed on the back that can be accessed through an email.



The idea for this project was to create a walking map for a niche audience/topic within Rochester Institute of Technology.

My initial brain-map included ideas for nature lovers, commuter students etc.



For my research, I walked around campus and catalogued the different freebies I found along the way. I asked students about 'hidden' freebies via Instagram and went through the resource list at the Welcome Desk to nail down the final details.


I intended to make a top-down view map with clear roads and walkways, that incorporated some form of texture to break the monotony of geometric shapes and add some visual interest


A map can be folded several ways. In order to understand what layout to follow, I experimented with different types of folds using recycled paper.


My first try at making this map was using the Procreate app. This map lacked clean edges and a level of neatness I was aiming for. So I experimented with other textures and color schemes to make a more contrasting map with strong visual appeal



For the final map, I selected the ivory background to make the buildings and roads pop. I incorporated sufficient contrast within the color palette to be able to distinguish between different components of the map. I used the back of the map to list out all the freebies available using the RIT email account.

Front of map

Back of map

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