Chipotle Icons

Chipotle is one of my favourite fast food chains in America. As a college student, I found myself leaning on it for sustenance often. I got quite familiar with the brand and came to realize that they do not have an icon system, so I challenged myself to make a hypothetical one for them.



Chipotle is an American chain of restaurants that serves Mexican inspired fast foods. Their restaurant ambience is on the 'upscale quick eats' side. With a bright red and maroon theme, this chain of restaurants is known for their burritos/bowls



Chipotle did not have an existing icon system for their brand, giving me the freedom to start from scratch and come up with an icon set most suitable for their needs. While most areas were literal in their visual meaning, like 'tacos'; some areas left more to be explored



Chipotle as a brand gives off a very fun, informal vibe. I used those two keywords to make quick sketches of different icon ideas. The style exploration include variation in fill, stroke, pattern and density.


Visual Systems

From the different initial icon ideas, I narrowed down to four sets of icon styles that were appropriate for the restaurants visual identity



After some peer feedback I narrowed down to two visual styles and expanded them into entire icon sets. These two systems had the most consistency and visual balance



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